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Make phone calls with Sister District

Phonebanking is the most direct way you can effectively mobilize Democratic turnout. Many organizations offer remote phonebanking, but Sister District does it better than most.

By focusing on state legislative races, calling voters for just a few hours can truly flip election results. Sister District volunteers call Virginia voters from all across the country, so that the campaigns in Virginia can focus their time and energy on in-person door-knocking.

Back in 2022, Sister District volunteers made 74% of all phone calls to their endorsed candidates for state legislative races.

Sister District has endorsed 20 Democratic candidates for state senate and state house to hold Gov. Youngkin accountable. Click here to join Sister District and make calls.

Protect abortion rights in Ohio

Ohio advocates have worked hard to qualify Issue 1 on the November ballot to protect abortion rights in the state constitution.

Republicans tried making it harder for such measures to pass, but we defeated their scam in August—and now Issue 1 only needs a simple majority to pass. We can win.

Click here to make virtual phone calls with the Ohio Democratic Party to reach voters and urge them to vote "YES" in November.

Click here to find other volunteer opportunities.

Become a polling place worker

Our democracy is only as secure as those who run our elections. Every year, Power the Polls recruits everyday Americans who believe in honest democracy to be a poll worker.

You can sign up now to be a poll worker in Virginia and other states with 2023 elections. Many states are also already soliciting poll workers for the presidential primaries in early 2024. Click here to sign up.

Browse the Daily Kos Mobilize slate

There are hundreds of elections on the November ballot at the state and local levels – many of which will not get national attention. Click here to find what opportunities exist in your community so you can help get out the vote.

Daily Kos Elections endorses outstanding candidates in critical races

The Daily Kos Elections team endorses candidates and campaigns at federal, state, and sometimes even local levels. Our support helps us spread the word to voters and generate significant financial support for these worthy campaigns.

For November 2023, we have endorsed a slate of 12 Virginia candidates who you can read all about here.

Click here to donate to this fantastic slate.

Donald Trump also tried to steal Pennsylvania, so we must keep the state Supreme Court in good hands. Click here to donate to Dan McCaffery's campaign.

Peer-to-peer outreach

SwipeBlue is an innovative smartphone app that allows you to access voter information of your friends & family, and contact them about voting this November.

Click here to download SwipeBlue, and start reaching out to friends & family.

Check your voter registration

Our friends at VoteAmerica host your one-stop shop in all 50 states to check your voter registration, and request an absentee ballot. Even if you are already covered, make sure your friends & family are too by sharing them these links.

Click here to verify your registration status.

Click here to register to vote.

Click here to find your polling place.

Click here to request an absentee ballot.

Are you an American citizen living abroad? Click here to request an absentee ballot.

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